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Healthcare Performance Solutions (HPS) is a consulting and advisory services firm that helps hospitals and health systems improve organizational performance one department and one leader at a time. Established in 2002, HPS has been retained by over 250 hospital systems, helping each to become high-performance organizations as evidenced by robust net operating margins, high employee satisfaction, high patient satisfaction, and exceptional service quality. The core purpose of HPS is to improve the health of healthcare, one organization at a time.


Tom Olivo

President/CEO – Success Profiles
Founding Partner – Healthcare Performance Solutions

Tom Olivo is the founding partner in the consulting firm Healthcare Performance Solutions (HPS) and President of Success Profiles, Inc.

In his professional career, Mr. Olivo has over 25 years of experience in identifying, measuring and comparing the “commonalities” of highly successful athletes, business leaders, and organizations. Tom has worked in a multitude of industries with thousands of senior executives and managers, emphasizing the importance of Business Analytics and Getting the Right People in the Right Roles.

Since 2002, Tom has operated solely in Healthcare, with a profound focus on trying to make a difference to every outcome possible. This has been achieved by utilizing proprietary measurement tools which have created one of the largest databases of its kind and includes the evaluation of the effectiveness of over 30,000 leaders and the business practices of over 500 hospitals and systems.

Scripps Health, Lee Memorial, Palmetto Health and many others have seen consistent, performance improvement and have retained Tom’s services for many years.

During 2014-15 Success Profiles and HPS have published research that uncovered disturbing downward trends in the performance of leaders, who until 2011 were succeeding in their roles and are now struggling in ever greater numbers.

This discovery led to further research which has definitively explained what separates the very best leaders from everyone else and also what impact this downward trend and changing leadership demographics will have on maintaining leadership continuity and succession planning in the future.

Tom deploys practical, evidenced based approaches to meeting these business-critical issues head on and does so in his usual empathetic and direct style, mixed with real world examples and humor.

He is considered by business leaders to be an expert in Talent Management and is one of the most requested speakers in the Healthcare industry on the topic of “Quantifying the impact that leadership has on performance outcomes.”

Tom lives in Bozeman, MT, with his wife Katie and daughters Sarah and Christine. His personal interests include all forms of outdoor recreation, photography, and fly-fishing.

To contact Tom, call 406.582.8885, Ext. 5, or e-mail


Jeff Jamison

Vice President of Research/Assessment Services
Founding Partner – Healthcare Performance Solutions

Jeffrey Jamison is a founding partner in the consulting firm Healthcare Performance Solutions (HPS) and VP of Measurement and Research Success Profiles, Inc. Established in 1990, Success Profiles designs and provides organizational performance measurement instruments and database management services to clients, management consulting firms and professional associations. The company specializes in performance measurement, talent management and succession planning. HPS was formed in 2003 and provides performance management, leadership development and executive coaching services to the Healthcare industry.

Jeff has worked with his HPS partners, advisors and strategists to create a visual measurement methodology that is truly unique in how it motivates, enlightens and compels leaders to take action. Jeff’s strong hand in research has allowed HPS/SPI to produce reports, articles and studies that look at data and what it is ‘telling you’ in a practical and applied way so that the data is actionable. What Success Profiles Inc. has always coined Actionable Knowledge.

Jeff spends time with measurement and research staff to create the most efficient measurement processes in the market so that design, implementation, customization, data collection, and reporting has the accuracy and speed that HPS/SPI clients have grown to expect. The flexibility and one-on-one relationship that Jeff and his teams have with clients is a trademark of HPS/SPI services from measurement to advisory services. Organizations that have previously done measurement work in-house come to HPS/SPI for the confidentiality, accuracy, speed, cost and bench-marking capabilities. Organization that have used other ‘vendors’ come for the professional relationship that is a partnership working toward a common goal for the organization and the community it serves.

Jeff is dedicated to his family and community relationship with active involvement in several local 501c (3) organizations that share his goals and values. Jeff and his family have always made Montana their home with the many life-style benefits it has to offer.

To contact Jeffrey, call 406.582.8884, Ext. 2, or e-mail


James Jiloty

Advisor, Talent Development and Performance Improvement
James Jiloty is a healthcare leader with expertise in human resources and leadership development. Currently serving as an Advisor with Healthcare Performance Solutions and Success Profiles, James designs and implements talent management systems, performance improvement initiatives, and leadership development programs using key performance measurements and metrics. He is responsible for building key client relationships by introducing the HPS platform of services designed to improve workforce optimization, employee engagement, patient outcomes, productivity, and the net operating margin. He has over a decade of experience in the healthcare industry with expertise in human resources and talent management. Prior to this role, James held a variety of positions within the healthcare industry including marketing, healthcare insurance, and human resources. Throughout his career, he has championed enterprise-wide, cross-functional projects including culture change programs and leadership academies.

James is a certified Professional in Human Resources (PHR) and holds a Master of Science in Human Resources Development and a Master of Science in Leadership Development. He lives in Central Florida with his wife, Meredi, and their two children.

To contact James, call 406.582.8884, Ext. 1, or e-mail

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We are a results-focused firm dedicated to helping healthcare organizations become more healthy and fit, and therefore more capable of thriving in today’s ever changing environment.

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