The HPS Difference

Measurable Results

Our expertise comes from helping hundreds of companies over 17 years (both large, Fortune 500 companies and smaller, privately held enterprises) accurately measure feedback from their employees and customers. We have produced measurement work for over 10,000 business units. Our current work focuses exclusively in the healthcare industry.
Over the last few years, our group has delivered significant increases in employee engagement, employee productivity, and the net operating margin of virtually every healthcare system we have worked with.

Business Intelligence

To survive in today’s business environment, healthcare organizations must become more sophisticated and more mature in the way they collect and use data. By harnessing the power of business intelligence, you can make better strategic and operational decisions and improve performance across the board. Our services provide you the business intelligence you need to survive and thrive in the current economic environment.

Comparative Analysis and Benchmarking

We have one of the most comprehensive Healthcare Databases for comparative analysis, percentile rankings and benchmarking of best practices. Our database includes over 500 organizations and 34 different departments for peer comparisons. We also have high performing organizations that serve as “best practice” laboratories for formal benchmarking site visits.


We take pride in the effectiveness and the efficiency of our internal processes. We continuously strive to make our services better without incurring additional costs for our clients. This allows you to…“Spend less money on compiling data and have more money available to make measurable improvements.”

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