Success Profiles, Inc. is the performance measurement and research arm of HPS. Established in 1991, Success Profiles, Inc. has measured the performance of over 10,000 business units in virtually every industry. We have compiled performance data on over 500 healthcare organizations to date and since 2002 we have worked largely in the healthcare industry.  This valuable knowledge is leveraged on behalf of clients in any industry.

Our operating belief is that an organization cannot create a culture of high performance without sound measurement practices. At Success Profiles, Inc., performance measurement instruments and database measurement services are designed and provided for clients as well as for management consulting firms and industry specific professional associations. These service offerings are designed to create “Actionable Knowledge and Business Intelligence.” Success Profiles, Inc. provides the measurement tools and performance management methodology to help executives make better – more informed leadership decisions with higher probably of success.

Right People, Right Roles is the central programming strategy of the Success Profiles performance improvement process. RPR2 presents hard data evidence, tools and guidelines in the form of a structured approach to help leaders develop effective performance and talent management systems.

The single most important business practice for organizations to increase their odds of success by any measure is to more consistently appoint The Right People in the Right Roles. RPR2 provides an innovative method for ensuring that a company hires and assigns the best people to leadership positions, giving it the best chance to thrive in this competitive environment.

RPR2 uses several proprietary assessment tools for measuring the leadership ability and performance of managers. These tools present dense information in easily-read graphics that make it easy to see and understand complex data at a glance. Management can then diagnose performance, make practical and effective decisions, and implement improvement interventions through a comprehensive, structured approach.

Stop wasting time and money on leadership development with the wrong people and implement a structured approach to leadership performance and appointment practices.

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