Case Study: Scripps

Scripps Health in San Diego, California, is a best practices case study of exceptional leadership, performance management and talent management. Using tools provided by Healthcare Performance Solutions, the overall talent management process at Scripps consistently identifies and appoints the right leaders to drive the right performance outcomes.

This high level of success was not always the case. In 2000, Scripps Health was financially distressed. Business operations were reengineered and a cultural transformation took place, including implementation of a unified performance management system. Keeping an eye of performance, Scripps Health uses “The Eye Chart,” a large-scale visual tool that compares leadership performance and cultural engagement across the system, and then converts raw data into actionable knowledge. The result instantly views where departments have healthy mini-cultures of excellence and those that may be struggling. Scripps Health uses The Eye Charts to help executive and operational leaders appoint the right leaders in to the right roles.

“For the first time ever, these tools have allowed us to align our measurement goals, pinpoint areas of needed optimization, create success for our employees, and increase the value of our hospital.”

– Chris Van Gorder, CEO, Scripps Healthcare, CA