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Our Leadership Performance service is designed to help you meet your leadership strategic goals. Our record speaks for itself: our group has delivered significant increases in employee engagement, employee productivity, and the net operating margin of every healthcare system we have worked with. We don’t offer any cookie-cutter solutions. Each engagement is tailored to meet your particular needs and help you accomplish your goals.

Executive Coaching Services

Performance Management Systems

The capability of front-line managers is the most important performance driver as well as a key predictor of employee satisfaction. The HPS Performance Management System will assess and define four levels of front-line manager performance and provide a structured approach to help you achieve your goals, one department at a time. Underleveraged leaders (i.e., those who are succeeding to excelling) and overleveraged leaders (i.e., those who struggling to failing) will receive customized prescription guidelines.

Ultimately, a decision must be made whether or not leaders and managers are achieving the desired performance results or falling short. This can be done with a balanced set of performance metrics or a simple assessment based upon valid evidence that the manager is excelling, succeeding, struggling or failing. With the crisis facing the healthcare industry and with so much at stake, how much longer can you afford to allow mediocre performance?

Talent Management Systems

Leadership ability is a key factor in creating organizational success. We recognize leadership ability is most likely a combination of both nature and nurture. Rather than waste time on the debate, our systems focus on measuring whether and to what extent people actually demonstrate leadership ability? In other words, do they live it consistently with both their demonstrated behaviors and results?”

The HPS Talent Management System will assess and define four levels of leader talent and provide a structured approach to help you achieve your goals, one department at a time.

Talent Alignment Analysis

Consistent performance can be best explained through a combination of Talent or demonstrated ability that is “amplified” by and with the combination of Drive and Practice discipline factors. ‘Right People, Right Roles,’ our central programming strategy, provides evidence-based insight and a structured blueprint to assure that business leaders have an objective and transparent approach to appoint the talent required to achieve “healthy and fit” cultures of high performance.

When organizations align and match the talent of their leaders with the predetermined complexity of their assigned roles, they increase their overall odds of success from 3:1 against to 2:1 in their favor.

Using our validated analysis processes and our best-practices tools, we provide a structured and proven approach to talent alignment that helps you achieve your goals, one department at a time.

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