Business Practices Assessment

At Healthcare Performance Solutions and Success Profiles we are experts in performance measurement and much more. Through our Business Practices Assessment (BPA) we help uncover employee-related issues that really count. The BPA quantifies employee feedback, establishes baseline performance measures and performs comparative analysis using our exclusive healthcare metrics. Much more than traditional employee survey instruments, the BPA measures a range of non-financial business practices known to differentiate low from high-performance healthcare organizations. Through extensive research and experience, we have found that these non-financial measurements are the most predictable indicators of future financial success.

The pressure to optimize the workforce, improve productivity, and deliver a higher net operating margin is a heavy burden on the shoulders of every top executive in the healthcare industry. Achieving success requires measurement – accurate and actionable measurement, together with the competency and discipline to use it in decision making. Our extensive performance measurement and research reveals consistent cause and effect relationships between business practices, leadership capability and overall performance.

How would your organization be able to utilize the BPA performance measurement tool to improve employee survey goals?  What would it allow you to do that you currently aren’t achieving?  Contact us today to discuss.

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