Leadership Decision Tree Roadmap


The Leadership Decision-Tree Roadmap generates specific prescriptions for improving the performance of individual managers. Through extensive analysis of thousands of leaders and front-line managers, this predictive index guide calculates the expected odds of success of a particular leader based upon their overall talent level and the Degree of Difficulty (DoD) of the department they are assigned to lead.

The Leadership Decision-Tree Roadmap connects to an action planning coaching tool that allows for determining the best prescriptions for improvement based upon performance data inputs. Every leader and manager within the organization can receive a personalized coaching plan that helps them improve their leadership style, identifies obstacles and barriers that can impede performance and enhances the coaching relationship with their immediate supervisor.

The performance of front-line managers highly correlates to employee satisfaction, patient satisfaction, and other performance measures. Improving the performance of front-line managers is the single most effective lever to increase your organization’s net operating margin. A process to get the right leaders in the right roles stacks the Odds of Success in your favor better than any other strategy.

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