“For the first time ever, these tools have allowed us to align our measurement goals, pinpoint areas of needed optimization, create success for our employees, and increase the value of our hospital.”
Chris Van Gorder, CEO, Scripps Healthcare, CA

“HPS is ‘the team’ to help organizations set a strategic direction and build a strategic plan. I’ve worked with many consultants in the past 25 years and HPS is the best for recommending practical and workable solutions.”
Glenn Mechling, Senior VPHR, Susquehanna Health, PA

“Engaging HPS to work with us to strengthen our business practices has been a thought provoking, stimulating, and value-added experience. They are exceptionally skilled at making business leaders face the hard truths – often, the 800 lb gorilla in the room that no one wants to acknowledge – so that you can take your organization to the next level of performance.”
Robin Barca, Sr. VP & System COO, Baptist Health, AL

“The Healthcare Performance Solutions team has a gift for making the complex seem simple, the abstract more concrete, all driven by the pursuit of excellence. They challenged us to understand the power of metrics and of being acutely tuned in to our results. With over $30 million in savings in healthcare costs over the past two years, new highs in patient satisfaction levels for our service and seeing the smiles on my teammate’s faces, I’m a believer!
Ken Thigpen, BS, RRT, Administrative Director, St. Dominic Hospital, MS

“Our employee survey process has improved significantly since we moved our business to HPS. They are more flexible and responsive than our previous providers, and the quality of their work is exceptional. The best part is that we accomplished all of this while dramatically lowering our costs.”
John Cecil, CHRO, Lee Memorial Health System, FL

“The eye chart helped us improve our business practices percentile ranking from 9% to 70% over a 3 year period.”
Ron Burnside, CHRO, Memorial Health System, CO

The eye chart focuses on leadership. It’s always leadership that makes or breaks any organization (small or large) over the long haul.”
Woody Hester, CHRO, MHSIL, IL

“Success Profiles has provided us tools and knowledge that have improved our organizational performance. Tom Olivo’s direct and honest demeanor both challenge and inspire us to be the best healthcare organization we can be. His passion for performance data is contagious which has led us to new insights and enhanced understanding of how best to optimize our system.”
Carlos R. Arce, Director of Organizational & Leadership Development, Billings Clinic, MT

“Great forum, wonderful speaker. I have been doing a strategic nursing retreat for staff nurses and nursing leadership for over five years and this is the best we’ve ever had. Tom was outstanding, concise, motivating and inspiring. The feedback from the evaluations was excellent. Some of the comments were, “Tom Olivo was excellent and presented a lot of common sense approaches, Tom’s information of the “degree of difficulty” was a new concept, but something I’ve always thought was a possibility.”
Donna Giannuzzi RN, MBA, CNAA, BC, Chief Patient Care Officer, Lee Memorial Hospital, FL

I enjoyed the presentation. Terrific information and tightly presented. Keep up the good work. We continue to benefit from your impact on Riverside. Appreciate Your Work!
Larry Boyles, CHRO, Riverside Health System, VA

“I saw Tom at the Amerinet Leadership Conference. My thoughts are he is interesting, enthusiastic, delivers his message well and boy what a powerful message that is.”
Jack Bennett, Senior Director Gulf Coast District, Amerinet, TX

“Today, we are an Employer of Choice Winner. The really important thing though is that, because of this incredible journey, we are not even remotely the same organization we were in 2004 and, even in this tough economy, as other health systems struggle, all indicators are positive and continuing to go up. Thanks to you, HPS and Success Profiles for your tools, your coaching and your encouragement.”
Woody Hester, CHRO, MHSIL, IL

“At Susquehanna Health we believe everything rises and falls on leadership. The “Eye Chart” series is a quantifiable set of talent management tools that helps senior leadership make decisions that improve the probability of success for all leader deployment and assignment decisions. It’s ease of use facilitates high value conversations around “best use” of leaders rather than “best guess” debates about likelihood of success. It has helped us raise our organizational performance from average to “best in class” for clinical quality, patient satisfaction and overall financial performance. We are deeply appreciative for the work Tom Olivo and the Success Profiles team have coached us through to date and look forward to their continued advice and guidance during the challenging times that lie ahead.”
Steve Johnson, CEO, Susquehanna Health

“It is all too common when discussing optimization of business strategy for senior leaders to say “it’s all about leadership.” And yet, in the healthcare industry, we have not had a great track record for effectively measuring leadership performance. Until now. Tom Olivo and Healthcare Performance Solutions has developed a comprehensive, easy to understand, and cost-effective way to accurately measure leadership effectiveness to maximize organizational performance. I know that we now have a talent management plan to take our own organization to its fullest potential.”
Robin Barca, Sr. VP/Chief Operating Officer, Baptist Health

“The tools provided by Success Profiles exceed others in the industry due to their strong focus on management development and succession planning. The tools are exceptional in that they offer us a visual picture of the relative performance of our leaders. It was exciting to see our executives respond to the “Eye Chart” and its validation of manager performance.”
Alison Thurau, MS CCP, System Director Human Resources, Lee Memorial Health System

“The talent management eye charts are outstanding visual tools that indicate the relative performance of our leaders to one another as well as to the national database. They provide an objective way of assessing and leveraging talent. The resulting targeted plans are very beneficial as a directed approach to coaching and development. We will also be using the Right People, Right Roles model to impact our appointment practices to achieve higher success.”
Kay Bennett, VP of HR, Baptist Health

“An impressive system for realizing the actuality of our leaders’ skills, abilities and correct placement within the organization. The Management Eye Chart really strips away the anecdotal to the reality of a leader’s performance. Now we can better match the development plan, talent profile and span of control for our leaders’ talent.”
Doug Lucket, CEO , Gulf Coast Hospital

“Susquehanna health has been using the Healthcare Performance Solutions performance and talent management system for leadership development including the “Eye Chart” measurement tools for the past few years. It has enabled us to assign the right leader to the right role by objectively evaluating our leaders’ performance and capabilities. The result has been an overall improvement in our employee work climate survey results and an improvement in our quality measures and patient satisfaction scores.”
Glenn C. Mechling, FACHE, Sr. Vice President, Human Resources, Susquehanna Health

“The process provides definitive results in scoring various qualities of organization and leadership. The “Eye Chart” presents a multitude of results in a relative fashion, easily highlighting the different levels of performance. Senior management can then focus on any part of the chart for evaluation and follow-up. The chart is a very skillful presentation of a tremendous volume of data.”
Charles J. Santangelo, CPA, FHFMA, Executive Vice President CFO, Susquehanna Health

“Tom Olivo, and the team at Success Profiles, has created a suite of compellingly influential tools to identify and improve the leadership talent at any organization. These tools provide a powerful and yet practical approach to strengthening leadership throughout the enterprise thereby improving employee engagement and organizational performance. This is the best methodology I have seen in over 24 years of human resource experience in creating and following a talent improvement roadmap.”
Brad Pollins, System Director, Organizational Effectiveness, Lee Memorial Health System

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